Initial Marketing

Marketing is essential to ensuring the success and longevity of your organization. Whether print media, broadcast media or internet marketing can implement dynamic and smart marketing solutions allows your business to fast grow. Through targeted advertising to the right audiences and proper channels, developing your brand enhancement as well as creating awareness of your business goal. Our Marketing team has identified multiple marketing strategies to generate traffic to your organization and showcase your good works. we provide a marketing review identifying strengths as well as opportunities for growth, we are able to move forward in marketing solutions, including Online Marketing such as Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, Newsletters, Press Releases, Video Uploading, Cause Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Blogs, Branding and Print Advertising Development such as Brochures, Flyers etc. We also offer Marketing Plan services to assist your organization in developing a plan for future marketing efforts.


Marketing Research

It is nearly impossible to effectively position and promote your brand without reliable, real-time market intelligence. Understanding consumer attitudes and the competitive landscape are essential to accelerating revenue generation.

Marketing Solutions is expert at applied research methodology, sample and survey design, data collection (including voice-of-the-customer studies) and analysis. We also conduct market analysis and feasibility studies. Following is an overview of our research services:

  • Consumer Surveys
    Point-of-sale, product packaging, telephone, intercept, mail, mobile and online surveys
  • In-Depth Interviews & Focus Groups
    In-depth studies of products and services, competitor perceptions, and advertising and PR concepts
  • Competitor Studies
    Ascertain competitor strengths/weaknesses on position, pricing, target markets and advertising
  • Industry Analysis & Benchmarking
    Analyze the forces that influence an industry, current and forecasted trends, and comparative assessment
  • Market Feasibility Studies
    Analyze the viability of a project by studying market, financial, technical and organizational conditions
  • Test Marketing
    Validate or enhance products and line extensions, sales, distribution and promotion strategies

Human Resources

As your small business grows, so do the Human Resources responsibilities that go with it. HR problems can occur at any moment, putting you and your business in danger of penalties and legal issues. Managing your HR needs may seem easy when you have one or two employees, once your business starts to grow you will require standardized HR solutions. Employee handbooks, appraisal processes, and company policies are critical items that must be put into place to minimize employee disputes and HR conflicts. At starting or growing your small business you probably don’t have the budget to hire one. Another option would be to try to “do it yourself”; as a small business owner you probably don’t have the time or expertise to manage your HR needs.